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In the financial services industry since 1989, Lynda firmly believes a life-long learning process is key to best serve her clients. With this key principle, Lynda has been very determined to improve her financial knowledge and achieve some of the most respected qualifications in the market to add value for her clients.

Lynda attended Aldershot High School in Burlington, Ontario. After high school for many years, she managed a bookstore for one of the major booksellers in Canada. Loved the job, loved books, however, at least a ¼ of her salary was spent on books (not a good financial plan). She went back to school as a mature student and obtained a Business Administration diploma from Humber College. As an elective in college Lynda took a course in personal finance and was hooked.  She has obtained her FSCI®, CPCA®, FMA®, and CIM®. In 2009, Lynda was helping many of her clients with tax planning. In order to learn more, she decided to acquire the DFA – Tax Specialist™ designation from the Knowledge Bureau. The CPCA® designation is a qualification that was relevant to Lynda as she was helping care for her disabled mother at the time and shared the same experience as her clients did in the “sandwich” generation. The CFP® designation has been one of the greatest achievements in her career as it is a standard she believes all advisors should acquire.

Many of Lynda’s clients are nearing retirement or retired. However, Lynda encourages her clients to offer her services to family members. She firmly believes those just starting out need to know the basics of financial planning to help build a solid base for the future and avoid potential costly mistakes in the present. Lynda’s goal along with providing financial advice is to teach clients to improve their financial knowledge.

CFP® – Certified Financial Planner 

FSCI® – Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute

CIM ® – Chartered Investment Management

DFA – Tax Specialist™ – Distinguished Financial Advisor

CPCA® – Certified Professional Consultant on Aging

FMA® – Financial Management Advisor

AICB    - Associate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers